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FileCutter 1.3.4

FileCutter 1.3.4

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FileCutter Editor's Review

FileCutter is a small, but useful, Finder plug-in.

FileCutter adds a submenu into Finder's contextual menu that allows you to use a functionality that isn't available by default. It allows you to use the 'cut' functionality that still misses from OS X.

As a Windows and Linux user I kinda missed the 'cut' option from the file manager. This plug-in fills in this gap.

FileCutter's contextual menu has multiple functionalities such as: Cut, Copy, Move to, Copy To. Since this plug-in uses its own clipboard, you have to access the menu every time you would like to use its functions.

When you cut or copy a file/directory all the available options are replaced by the 'Paste' menu item. Besides the normal 'Paste' functionality, FileCutter also has a 'Paste Securely' feature which is activated when the target is on a different volume than the source, and the cut functionality is used. The last pasting type is 'Paste Alias' which creates aliases into the selected directory that points to FileCutter's clipboard if the 'Copy' option was used.

Even though it improves Finder's functionality, FileCutter has a low usability as you have to use its menu for every action. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide keyboard hot-keys.

The 'Copy To'/'Move To' functions have intuitive names, and they do exactly what the names say. These features are a little bit faster than using the couple of steps: copy/cut, and paste.

The product is provided under a shareware license, even though the product doesn't have any kind of limitation. In order to support this product, and the future development, the producer kindly asks you for a small fee.

Pluses: it allows you to use the cut/move functionality in Finder, it uses its own clipboard, it has the support for secure pasting when the target is on a different volume than the source.

Drawbacks / flaws: it doesn't provide hot-keys, the items are provided as a submenu located under the Finder's main contextual menu which lowers your working speed and the usability.

In conclusion: this is a very good plug-in for Finder. It has the potential of becoming a great tool if the producer fixes the usability issue.

version reviewed: 1.3.2

FileCutter Publisher's Description

FileCutter enhances the Finder context menu to let you cut and paste files (rather than just copy and paste) and lets you paste an alias to a copied file.

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